Organigramme du BBN

Dear businessmen, producers, consumers, industrial, scientific and academic, members of the technical committees assigned to develop, adapt, adopt and harmonize national standards, traders and other internal and external of the BBN partners, this website is yours. Here you will find valuable information to guide your action in your respective activities to be even more competitive and up-to-date.

The Burundi Bureau of Standards (BBN) is a public institution, created in 1992 to promote exports, streamline imports, and protect consumers, the environment and the national economy. In the context of the development of trade at the national, regional and international level, The Burundi Bureau of Standards quality (BBN) and its staff has the great pleasure to welcome you to this web site in order to inform you about its activities.

The recent law No. 1/03 of 4 January 2011 on the national system of standardization, quality assurance, metrology and testing allows the BBN to work in a legal environment appropriate to meet the requirements of the partners.

We are open to any contribution on your part to improve the quality of our services to better meet your expectations for a better promotion of exports, a better rationalisation of import, a better protection of the environment, a better protection for the health and safety of people, plants, animals through scientific solutions based on standards and related activities.

The Director of BBN