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Download the last version of the list of analysis available at BBN : Analyses February 2015.

In March 2015, the chemistry laboratory received a Parr 6200 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter (funded by UNIDO) and is expected to soon be able to offer calorific value analysis to its clients.

ANALYSIS: Chemistry Laboratory

ChemistryThe chemistry Laboratory tests a wide range of fresh and processed foods: water, juices, milk, meat and products, work, honey, cereal products...

The Chemistry laboratory if staffed by 1 head of laboratory, 5 analysts and 1 laboratory technician.

In 2014, with support of TMEA and UNIDO, the laboratory has installed new equipment and has implemented more than 30 new analyses. The quality management system has also been revised. The laboratory applies many procedures to ensure the quality of the results: control samples, inter-laboratory tests, spiked samples...

By 2015, the laboratory will receive more equipment and chemicals from TMEA as well as technical assistance. The goal is to offer a range of analyses of 70 parameters to help Burundian farmers and ensure the safety of consumers.

The ambition of Chemistry Laboratory is to be the best laboratory of food chemistry in Burundi.