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The microbiologists are working on the analysis of Vibrio Cholerae in water to support public health in Bujumbura.

ANALYSIS: The Microbiology laboratory

ChemistryThe microbiology laboratory opened its doors mid 2014. The available material (financed by the Government of Burundi) has been installed and microbiologists have been trained (financed by TMEA) on the following analyses:
- Gram coloration (photo du BBN)
- Direct cell count
- Total Plate Count

The laboratory is staffed by 1 head of laboratory and 1 microbiologist.
By 2015, the laboratory is expected to reception more equipment and chemical products, receive technical assistance and develop analysis in newly refurbished rooms(financed by TMEA). The goal is to provide a range of analyses of approximately 10 parameters (coliforms total, coliforms, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, yeast, molds, Staphylococcus aureus...) to better assist Burundi producers and ensure the safety of consumers.

The microbiology laboratory aims to become a public reference microbiology laboratory in Burundi.