QUALITY: Presentation


The african coutries produce a variety of vegetable.

Quality Assurance
The inspection, testing and certification services shall be technically competent, comply with relevant international standards such as ISO/IEC 17020,ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC Guide 65 or their latest revisions and the Bureau shall as far as is practicable pursue international recognition through appropriate accreditation for these services. The Bureau shall be entitled to demand payment for the inspection, testing and certification services in accordance with market related pricing, except in the case of compulsory standards or legal metrology measures where fee structures approved by the Minister in concurrence with the Minister of Finance shall be in force.

The Bureau, together with relevant stakeholders, shall represent the Republic of Burundi in the conformity assessment structures of the EAC, ensuring that the needs of Burundi are properly presented and considered at the regional level. The Bureau may, on request of the Minister and in concurrence with the Minister of Finance, establish import inspection controls for products that fall within the scope of compulsory standards.

The Bureau shall establish the inspection controls in close cooperation with the Custom and Excise Department of the Ministry of Finance to ensure that no unnecessary trade barriers are created, and that the controls are not in conflict with the general and specific requirements of relevant EAC agreements and legislation. The specific controls, especially in regard to conformity assessment requirements, responsibilities of the Bureau and the importers, release certificates, movement of goods to bonded stores or any other issue in this regard deemed expedient by the Minister, shall be governed by an Order of the Minister.

The cost of administration of import inspection shall be borne by the importers in the form of a levy based on the value of the consignments, payable before release of the consignment to the market.

The percentage to be paid shall be proposed by the Bureau after consultation with relevant importer associations every year, where after it shall be approved by the Minister in concurrence with the Minister of Finance, and made known by Order of the Minister.