In accordance to article 10.1 of the WTO Agreement of Technical Barriers to trade, each members shall ensure that an enquiry point exists which is able to answer all reasonable enquiries from other members and interested parties in other members as well as to provide the relevant documents regarding:
- Any technical regulations
- Any standards
- Any conformity assessment procedures

The membership and participation of the member or of relevant central or local government in international and regional standardization bodies and conformity assessment systems, as well as bilateral and multilateral arrangements within the scope of this agreement:
- The location of notice published pursuant to this agreement
- The location of other enquiry points

In article 10.7 of the agreement all the WTO members are required to be as transparent as possible on issues relating to standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures. Members are therefore to notify WTO secretariat, standards and technical regulations being prepared or in the process of adoption. It is in this scope that Burundi Bureau of Standards has been designated as the WTO/TBT National Enquiry Point and notification authority, to ensure that manufacturers, importers and exporters get the latest information on standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures available in their target market.

Functions of the NEP

- Notify WTO secretariat of the proposed Burundi standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures which may affect international trade
- Handle all enquiries on standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures concerned with TBT agreement form other WTO members
- Download notifications from WTO secretariat on technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures adopted or proposed by other WTO members
- Request information for interested parties in Burundi from foreign enquiry points
- Provide foreign enquiry points upon request with copies of documents related to Burundi notifications

Benefits of NEP/Notification authority

The business community will benefit from the NEP/Notification Authority in the following manner:
- Identify standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures applicable to products in target markets
- Improve competitiveness in local markets
- Give opportunity to comment on technical regulations that may affect trade
- Promote trade facilitation by providing national exporters and importers with information on technical requirements from WTO member countries

Information resources at the NEP

The national enquiry point maintains a collection of standards, technical regulations and laws.
The BBN library’s collection numbers of standards and related documents issued by different standards bodies such as International Organisation for standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC), Food and agriculture Organisation(FAO) and Wold health Organisation (WHO), Organisation International de metrology legal(OIML), Regional standards Bodies(Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa) and East African standards are available for the users.