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Would you like to always have a faithful assistant at your fingertips, ready to tell you the right decision and set you on the right path? I have good news for you – such assistance you already have. His name is intuition. All that is left is to find a common language with him. 

Our brain consists of two hemispheres. The left one is responsible for logic and abstract thinking, and the right one belongs to the sphere of feelings, emotions and creativity. It is in the right hemisphere, according to scientists, that our intuition “resides”.

Contrary to popular belief, intuition, or the sixth sense, has nothing to do with mysticism. It has a quite scientific explanation. You’ve all probably heard that a human being has a huge layer of psyche called the unconscious in addition to the consciousness. Not only all human experience is stored there, but also the collective experience of our ancestors. The possibilities of the unconscious are much wider than we can imagine. It is to it that some people owe the gift of foresight and psychic abilities.

The problem is that gaining access to this treasury is not easy. Only a very small part of invaluable knowledge can be extracted from its depths. Intuition is a kind of thread that connects the conscious with the unconscious. It allows us, firstly, to get the necessary information, and secondly, to decipher it and apply it in practice.



Everyone can develop a sixth sense – it would be a desire. All you need is a pinch of boldness, a little faith in yourself and a mountain of patience and persistence. Do not expect quick results, because this intuition is a very delicate instrument.

Develop the right hemisphere of the brain

The right hemisphere is responsible for the work of the left side of the body. Most people are right-handed, which means that their right hemisphere is often inactive. Start doing familiar things with your left hand: brushing your teeth, using your tablet, and opening the door with your key. When you have mastered these simple skills, move on to more complex ones – learn to write, draw, and paint with your left hand.

Trust yourself

Many people who complain about the lack of intuition, in fact, simply do not notice its signs. We are accustomed to trusting the voice of reason, making logical conclusions and decisions based on them. Don’t ignore the signals of your subconscious mind. Over time, they will become stronger and clearer, and you will learn to hear them and use them to your advantage.

Keep a diary

Develop the habit of writing down your thoughts and feelings. This develops reflection and allows you to better understand yourself. Pay special attention to the analysis of your failures. Describe them in detail, analyze their causes, and consider alternative ways of behaviour in similar situations.



Very often we can not hear the voice of intuition because of the constant irrepressible flow of thoughts. Rebellious mind and a sixth sense rarely get along together. Start practicing meditation and your mind will become clearer and clearer. You will also learn to control your attention, relax effectively, develop supersensible perception, and improve your health.

Use special games and exercises

There are many online games, tests, and virtual exercises that can help you awaken your sixth sense. Even some video games and casino games on Bizzo Casino online can be helpful for you in this case!


Now you know what you need to do to develop your sixth sense. But remember: intuition is a sphere of delicate feeling, and rude manipulations are unacceptable here. Therefore, start to practice gradually and cautiously. 

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