Sports Betting In Austria
Sports Betting

Sports Betting In Austria

Overall the operators of the online platforms for sports betting in Austria even profit from the closures of the betting shops. The turnover of the online providers is around 155 million euros per year. All bets around soccer are particularly popular. About three quarters of all bets are placed on games in the German Bundesliga or the English Premier League. Other popular sports are ice hockey and tennis. The bookmakers’ association states that betting fans stake an average of 8 to 12 euros per bet. The high rollers play for stakes of over 30 euros.

In Austria, sports betting is officially not a game of chance, unlike in neighboring Germany, where sports betting and casino games fall under the Gambling Act. However, individual federal states can restrict betting areas in Austria as well. The state of Vorarlberg, for example, has banned live betting because it is said to pose a higher risk of addiction. This is because it is possible with live betting to bet on several sports results in a very short time. In addition, live betting is often suspected of manipulation and money laundering. At least that is what the critics say.

betting is just as harmful

However, live betting is just as harmful or harmless as other bets. Experts who inform themselves well in advance do not see any danger in it. It makes sense to inform yourself as well as possible before betting money.  Betting tips in Austria: predictions, forecasts, and analysis experts who compile background information on individual bets are very helpful. Vorarlberg is the only province that has banned live betting. In the rest of Austria, live betting is allowed. If you want to place real-time bets in Vorarlberg, you can do so with an Internet provider. There is no legal basis to take action against the providers on the Internet.

Placing sports bets on the Internet

Placing sports bets on the Internet, for example on Champions League matches, has the great advantage that this is possible around the clock. There are no store opening hours that set limits here. This is very convenient for those who do not have a betting shop nearby or who do not have time during normal opening hours. Moreover, many offers from different bookmakers can be found online and are much easier to compare. Thus, betting fans can easily take advantage of the best odds and thus make bets more favorable for them.

Placing a sports bet on the Internet is quite simple. First of all, this requires a bookmaker, where players open an account and deposit funds. Then it is only necessary to select the type of sport and the game on which to bet, and you are ready to go. Betting fans simply place their bets on the website. All bets placed are listed in the personal customer area. This makes it easier to keep track. The extent to which betting tax is payable at an online bookmaker is always stated in the terms and conditions.

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