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Betting Popularity In Germany

Around 20 years ago, sports betting in Germany was by no means an activity of the masses. Quite the opposite: betting shops were always surrounded by a rather shady reputation. With digitalization and the emergence of online betting providers, this has changed. In the meantime, the sports betting industry has become firmly established and is …

Online Casinos And Sports Betting
Sports Betting

Comparison Between Online Casinos And Sports Betting

Casino games are supposed to be fun. What contributes to this are, above all, the variety of the games themselves and the gameplay. Whether you want to play classics like blackjack, roulette or poker, or prefer one of the newest games on the market, almost every game is now available online. Also every city has …

Gambling Excitement
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Pandemy Creates Gambling Excitement In Germany

Total sales at a record level, more than two million euros a day for the first time, more Lotto millionaires, a total of 453 million in winnings, and around 264 million for the country: Lotto boss Heinz-Georg Sundermann was visibly satisfied with this at his last annual review, he is retiring in the summer. His …

The Week At A Glance
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The Week At A Glance: Top News From The Gaming Industry

The news from the gambling industry is characterized by numerous new cooperations. Let’s check! Germany Gambling company Tipwin becomes new partner of the German Basketball Federation As of this week, the German Basketball Federation (DBB) is cooperating with online casino and sports betting provider Tipwin. As reported by the basketball association, Tipwin is to become …