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Pandemy Creates Gambling Excitement In Germany

Total sales at a record level, more than two million euros a day for the first time, more Lotto millionaires, a total of 453 million in winnings, and around 264 million for the country: Lotto boss Heinz-Georg Sundermann was visibly satisfied with this at his last annual review, he is retiring in the summer. His successor on the management board will be Martin Blach, the current chairman of the Eberbach Monastery Foundation.

For Sundermann 2021 was a “beautiful and good year.” This is especially true for those who bet on the right numbers. And there have been plenty of those. In total, players in Hesse have won 453 million euros, in the previous year it was 334 million. 19 Hessians alone achieved winnings between one million and the Eurojackpot of 90 million euros. So now the question is what to do with this money? The Hessians are also well placed in a comparison of the German states: Among the ten German top winners, there are currently three Hessians behind five winners from North Rhine-Westphalia. If that is not a sign to move there.


In September, a player from Bavaria won more than 49 million euros. Already 16 times someone could be happy about winning the Eurojackpot. Since it was established in 2012. That is quite a number considering the amount of money one receives. Everyone can participate from the age of 18 on. Then hopefully one is old enough to actually decide what to do with this money. 

The Eurojackpot, which is filled to the maximum of 90 million euros, has to be divided equally between Finland and Poland. Since both winners picked the right numbers. Which were: 4, 31, 39, 43, 46 and the two additional numbers 1 and 4. Each of the players will receive 45 million Euros. 


It was a while ago since the last time someone could win the Eurojackpot. Only a few people know that it was implemented in 2012. This was the 14th time someone could get the money. 

Another success story: a new lottery millionaire has less to worry about. At least financially he is now softly bedded. In the Eurojackpot, a young man from the district of Giessen won 5.2 million euros, as Lotto Hesse announced on Saturday. The lucky guy from Central Hesse shares with three other players from Brandenburg, Finland, and Slovakia the pot filled with more than 20.8 million euros in the winning class 2.

They all correctly predicted six of the seven winning numbers drawn in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to the five correct numbers 2-7-8-43-50, the Hessian also picked a correct euro number, 2. To clear the jackpot filled with 90 million euros in prize category 1, he was only missing the second correct euro number, 3.

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